T’App in to Home Socialising!

T’App in to Home Socialising!

With our big comfortable sofas, vast armoury of gadgets and fridges groaning under the weight of chilled drinks, it is little wonder that we are finding it ever more difficult to find reasons to venture out for food and drink.


A recent study in to the social habits of people saw that the under 35’s are more likely to gather at friends for food and drink than go out to a restaurant or pub.  The study also showed that the under 30’s are twice as likely as any other age group to order a takeaway for the event.


Ordering food for you and friends can be a difficult process, starting with finding the menu! If people haven’t ordered before or don’t know what is on offer from the takeaway of choice then the visitors will probably need to see the menu.  Next comes the ‘who wants what?’.  Someone gets the responsibility of either remembering the mammoth order off by heart or writing it all down, with the right choices, sauces and sides. Finally ‘right I’m going to call the takeaway..’. If you’re lucky you get through first time, more likely, you’re on hold or it is engaged so you wait or use ring back.  When the call finally goes through you spend the next 20 minutes going over the order and giving your details…


Your own App, free for your customers to download, solves these problems and makes life so much easier. The menu is on the App for all to see, they can pass it round or more than one person can download the App, they could even do this before they arrive at their friends!  While they browse the menu they can add exactly what they want, with the right options, with no list or writing it out. When it comes to placing the order they can check nothing has got missed, choose the address, delivery time and pay quickly with the integrated card payments.


By offering your customers this convenient service they are more likely to stay loyal to your business, they tend to spend up to 20% more when ordering and because friends have been part of the experience they are also likely to try your service again.


If you want to offer your customers a better ordering experience and you want to tap in to the home socialising market, contact App4 on 01332 742514 or click here for a callback.