Benefits of an App Tag

Reduce Your Costs by £10,000 a Year!

Many takeaway businesses have been using services like Just Eat and Hungry House for years and lots have become reliant on them for a large percentage of their orders. The major concern is it’s highly likely these businesses are giving away around 20% of every order, and possibly 50% of their profits, whether it is a new customer or one...

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T’App in to Home Socialising!

With our big comfortable sofas, vast armoury of gadgets and fridges groaning under the weight of chilled drinks, it is little wonder that we are finding it ever more difficult to find reasons to venture out for food and drink....

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Where does your App provider hide their charges!

Too Good to Be True?

A wise man once told me “if it sounds too good to be true, then there is probably a catch” and when it comes to ‘low cost App’s ‘ there are plenty of catches....

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Mobiel App from App4 Saves Money

Make 2017 an App’y New Year

2016 has continued the huge change in the way people buy goods, order food and generally interact with others, and this trend is only going to expand further in 2017. Aggregator costs have grown into a big issue with most users of Just-Eat, hungry house etc. looking for ways to reduce them.  These Directories appear to offer you access to...

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