Make sure you ask the right questions before you get an App!

With many App developers all claiming to offer the same service as App4, we highly recommend you ask some important questions to make sure they do!

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There are lots of questions you should ask a potential App provider to make sure that you are getting the right service, and paying the price you’re expecting and should you have any issues they will be there to support you.


We have tried to list as many of these questions as possible and this list will continue to grow, but we hope you find it useful.

Where does your App come from?

Did you write it yourselves and own the Intellectual Property? Or did you license it in from a third party?


If they don’t own it or licence it, then Google their provider, to find out if they are real and what the App was originally created for

Where is your service being supplied from?

Is your service supplied by a UK company? Do they have a UK support centre?


You want to be able to get help or support when you’re open or need it so a service from a different timezone can cause issues.

How does your App handle complicated menus?

Can I set up one product and then offer a multitude of differently priced extras within it?


For example: Can I have a Ham & Mushroom Pizza and then:


  • Choose a size
  • Choose a base
  • Choose a sauce
  • Add extra toppings


All of these may also have extra prices or need multiple options (like add up to 5 toppings)

How do you handle Delivery?

Does your system work on just the first 3 or 4 digits of the postcode? does your system work by setting a radius?  can your system work out the exact driving distance for each order?  Can you charge different delivery charges based on the value of an order?  Can you exclude certain postcodes from delivery all together?

Who owns all the data captured by your App?

Do you own the customer information that your App collects? Can someone else use your data for their business? What happens to the data if you decide to leave?

What type of card payments do you handle?

Are you restricted to PayPal? When will I get my money? What are the charges?

Is everything included in the setup fee?

Is the hardware included int he price? If it is, is the hardware a recognised brand? Eg. is it a commercial grade EPSON printer or a cheap import? Do you provide a tablet? If you do, Is the tablet you provide a Samsung or similar quality brand?

Are there any hidden transaction fees?

Do you charge me or my customers for placing an order through my App? Do you charge me or my customers for paying by card? Do you charge me or my customers for deliveries? Do you charge me for sending messages? Do you charge me every time an order is printed?

Can I send notifications to my customers on a quiet night with special offers?

Can I send the message by text message? can I send it by In-App (push) message? Could I send out monthly offers by email?  Could I choose to send out a message to just those people who have ordered from me before?

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