Promote your business not the competition!

Promote your business not the competition!

If you are using online ordering portals to market your takeaway or restaurant delivery service, you will be very aware that they are good at:


    • Helping you find new customers, because they list you, along with all the other businesses in the area so people can find you


  • Charging you between 20% and 35% of the order value for the privilege.


As a new business, the high commission rate might be OK for a while for new orders to help you grow.  Even as an established business, it’s a tempting way to increase order numbers without doing anything yourself.  The reality though is quite different because:


    • They list you against every other business in the area, so if your competition has a cheaper price, new offer or products you don’t sell, you could lose your regular customers to the takeaway/restaurant down the road


    • If you were only paying 20% to 35% commission for a new customer, it wouldn’t be too bad, but paying that every time, for your regulars, is extortionate! A survey of our clients showed that about 80% of their orders through these services were from regular customers. This is taking a huge chunk of your profits, and all the time, these ‘services’ are working to move them away from you


  • Most of your regulars would order directly from you if you had your own App for them to use instead, or as well, because you might as well use them for what they are good at


At App4, we help you promote your business to your customers. For a flat monthly fee with no commission we provide ongoing support and advice on how you can use our service to grow your business, retain more of your customers and increase your profits.


If you want to reduce your ‘aggregator’ bills by at least 50%, work with a company that provides you with a complete solution, both today and tomorrow, then call App4 on 01332 742514 or email

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