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Make 2017 an App’y New Year

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Make 2017 an App’y New Year

2016 has continued the huge change in the way people buy goods, order food and generally interact with others, and this trend is only going to expand further in 2017.


Aggregator costs have grown into a big issue with most users of Just-Eat, Hungry House etc. looking for ways to reduce them.  These Directories appear to offer you access to new customers and do all your marketing so what have you got to lose?


With commission charges up to 30%, straight off your profits, you have quite a LOT to lose! But also, your customers switch to using the aggregators to order from you, so then they can, and DO, tell your customers about your competitors and drive their promotions as well.


It is amazing to note that 80% of your aggregator orders would have come to you anyway! So, you join them, they take your customers, send them elsewhere and then continue to charge you a cut if they come back to you! Not very reasonable if you put it that way, is it?


At the end of the day, people come to you because they love your food, your service or simply the people in the shop. Provided you make it easy for them, then they will order however they can.


With your own App, you make it really easy for people to order directly from you whenever and wherever they want. No searching for menu’s, phone numbers etc. You take 100% of the order value and you don’t pay ANY commission. ZERO! NONE!


We work with you to develop your business such as loyalty schemes, instant offers and rewards. On a cold wet Tuesday in February, have you ever wished you could drum up some business by sending all your clients a special offer? Allow your customers to pay through your App too so they don’t have to worry about finding cash. With your OWN APP, you can expect more orders, a more loyal and regular customer base and lower costs.


However you voted in the Brexit referendum, 2016 was the year that the UK is supposed to ‘Take Back Control’. Why don’t you make 2017 the year the YOU ‘Take Back Control’?


“Take Back Control of YOUR orders, YOUR customers and YOUR business!”


We would love to help you make 2017 your best year yet. so why not call us on 01332 742 514 or email us at and one of our experienced advisors can talk you through how we are already helping hundreds of businesses save £1000’s every month, and how we can do the same for you.