Could your App soon stop working?

will your app stop working in september

Could your App soon stop working?

Will the latest Apple software release stop your online ordering App from working?


Earlier this month Apple introduced the new IOS 11 software which will be released in September this year.  The new software brings with it a raft of great updates but it also has a hidden secret that could see many old App’s stop working for 1000’s of businesses and millions of users.


The new update is forcing App developers to use the latest technology to build their App’s and if your App hasn’t been updated for the last year or more there is a high probability it will stop working as soon as the new software is released.


Apple has been warning users and developers about this change for a long time now but there are many companies that have ignored it, or simply have no way to update their current App.  A sign that your App may be one of the affected ones is when you open it on your iPhone and it displays a message saying “The developer of this App needs to update it to improve its compatibility”.  This is usually a sign that the App isn’t using the most up to date methods and technologies and could stop working completely with the next Apple update.


At App4 we own, develop and produce all our own software, websites and Apps.  We have full control over how often we can update our service to make sure we are always right up to date with the latest technologies and requirements of Apple and Android.

We know that there are thousands of business in the UK alone that have bought an App that, if not updated or changed quickly will simply stop working for up to 90 percent of the App’s users.

The harsh reality is if this does happen to your business, there is a high probability those customers will revert to using one of the big takeaway ordering platforms to place their order, which could cost you a minimum of 20% on every order, but could potentially cost you customers, as they may decide to go elsewhere for their food.

If you have an App that hasn’t changed for the last year or more,  your already getting a warning message when you open the App, or your looking for an App provider that maintains its Apps to make sure they continue to work with all current and future updates, then get in touch by calling 01332 742 514, email or use our contact form and we will call you back.

Pictures courtesy of 9to5Mac and Gadgets 360