Hungry House closing, another reason to get your own App and Online Ordering!

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Hungry House closing, another reason to get your own App and Online Ordering!

It has been officially announced that Hungry House will close down on the 22nd May 2018 following the merger with Just-Eat. Whilst this may actually offer some benefit to restaurants who used to be on both platforms, in terms of less hardware to plug in at the store, it does also mean they are now solely reliant on Just-Eat as their only way to get online orders.


With so many businesses still heavily reliant on Just-Eat for the high proportion of their orders and income, the closure of Hungry House now gives Just-Eat the potential to increase prices with no real alternative or competition for restaurants to haggle against. With the average takeaway paying between 16% and 25% of their total order value to Just Eat already, it could be a worrying time.


Takeaways and restaurants offering a delivery service have been afraid to adopt their own service because of concerns of low customer up take, difficult to manage process, costly to adopt and limited time to get it setup. The reality is quite the opposite, and from as little as £25 + VAT per week, with everything built, setup and provided for you, you can be up and running with your customers direct in just a few weeks, , with 0% commission and the money paid direct to your bank account every couple of days.


Using a service like Just-Eat does have its benefits, and it can bring you new customers and orders, but you will also continue to pay the high commissions on your regular customer orders, which could easily make up 80% of your orders on their platform. At App4 we provide you with your own system, for your regular and new customers to order direct, with a similar simple process they are used too, and an easy to manage system in store.


We are already helping our existing customer save £3.5million in potential ordering fees like those charged by Just-Eat, with this figure growing every day. If you would like to start saving £1,000’s every month, to take back control of your online orders and to put more of your profits in your pocket, then call us on 01332 742514 or click here to request a call-back.


Picture: Hungry House