How many new customers did you get last month?

Lots of businesses spend £100’s a month on advertising and marketing to drum up new customers and increase sales, but how many new orders / customers do they actually get each month?  Many have no idea, some keep a basic tally, and a few could give you a good guess.

For one customer of App4, the number was 455 new customers last month, with a total order value of £12,285. They are able to look at this on a month by month basis and review the cost effectiveness of their advertising and marketing.

This is another example of how a business can use the data being captured by its App and online ordering system to monitor their progress, look at what helps to grow the business and act quicker to changes in the market.

At App4 we work with our customers to help them understand their data and use it to improve their marketing and advertising and increase their customer and order numbers, all whilst paying Zero commission and just a simple fixed monthly fee.

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