Have you got your own Apple App? Are you sure?

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Have you got your own Apple App? Are you sure?

If you are considering getting your own App for your takeaway, make sure you actually get your own Apple App otherwise your customers will probably not use it.


Earlier this year Apple changed the game for App developers and now say that for a takeaway to have their own App, they need to have their own developer account and pay Apple an annual fee so you can keep your App up to date.


Many App providers don’t have the ability to tailor the Apps they provide, usually as they don’t actually build the App’s themselves, they have a fixed template or don’t have their own developers. These companies have now started to provide “Re-Branded” Apps that claim to do the same thing as your own App, but this just isn’t the case.


A ”Re-Branded” App works by your customers downloading a generic App, such “My Takeaway”, they then have to search for your restaurant and choose it from a list. At this point they are able to order from you.


Whilst this may seem like a simple thing to do, and surely it cannot make much difference, it does, and there are some big reasons you don’t want one:


  • Why should your customers want to download an App from another company to then order from you?
  • Your customers have to choose you from a list, what happens if they see another restaurant they know and choose that instead
  • What happens if the customer uses two restaurants on the same platform? How can they have two Apps? They can’t so one of the businesses will lose out
  • You want people to be searching for your business name in the App store, so you get the recognition and it’s your business name on the user’s phone
  • The App’s are all generic, nothing sets you apart from your competition and other than an Icon or colour, your business is the same as all the others using it.


Having your own App in the Apple App store is critical, it lets you stand out from the rest of the businesses, it gets YOUR business on YOUR customers phones and more importantly it gives you piece of mind that your customers are not going to jump ship to another takeaway.


App4 provide a full App for IOS and Android, listed as your businesses, for your customers to order and pay direct to you. For just £25 + VAT per week, you get a complete solution that your customers will love to use and gives you full control of your business.


To find out more, or to get your own Mobile App for IOS and Android, call 01332 742514, or click here to request a call back.