Think Bigger Than Black Friday!

Think Bigger Than Black Friday!

I don’t know about you, but Black Friday promotions are starting to get a bit much – Certain companies have had them running for over a week now, and the promotion and advertising spend that is going into this must surely outweigh the offers (all I know is someone has got to be making money somewhere).


So, last week, I contemplated a Black Friday deal for App4 and how I would promote it. Looking at all the various tricks of inflating prices prior and selling old stock cheap that no one really wants, doesn’t do App4 any favours and it is not what we do. We have never increased the cost of our solution since we started. We supply the best solutions out there for businesses looking at App and website ordering systems, either for restaurants or takeaways, and the price reflects the quality and service you would expect to get from a premium product that can save you money and grow your business.


Therefore, I was left thinking about what else we can offer to customers. Not just for a single day or week, but a tangible promise to our potential new customers that gives them the confidence we have in our own product.


Therefore, on Black Friday, instead of a one-off promotion we will give our customers a guarantee.


‘If after the first 3 months of using App4, you are not covering the cost of our solution, you will get a full refund’


A simple straight forward money back guarantee. To request more information click here, or call us on 01332 742514