Getting your own App can be a confusing experience!

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Getting your own App can be a confusing experience!

With dozens of companies appearing to offer the same service all at varying prices it can be confusing experience trying to find the right service for you, with great features and at a price you can afford. When choosing an App provider, it is very important you are 100% confident that ‘it does what it says on the side of the tin” and you understand all the costs.


When looking for an App service provider there are 4 key areas you need to consider before making a choice, which should help you make an informed decision and get you a service that will enable your business to grow and to benefit long term.


No.1 – Pricing:


It is very common in the App industry to advertise the lowest price going, sometimes even say it is free, but in the majority of cases the reality, once trading, is a very different picture.


Many companies may say their service is £49 per month, but this is what it starts at, as soon as you start to do more than just a few orders it goes up. The more orders you do, the more it costs, so before you know it, that £49 a month is actual over £300 a month or more.


So, you need to make sure the price is fixed for the life of the contract, for unlimited order numbers and does not increase in anyway.


No.2 – Equipment:


To make things easy and convenient for you and your staff there should be an easy way to receive and process your orders, and ideally print some tickets / receipts that are big enough to use straight from the printer.


The ‘cheaper’ solutions rarely include a tablet or quality printer, and instead, provide a cheap all in one unit very similar to a credit card machine. This can mean small, unusable receipts, which you end up hand writing out, and kind of defeats the object. The other thing they usually forget to tell you is that you have to pay as much as £250-£300 for this equipment, upfront!


Choose a supplier that uses quality branded equipment, with ideally an 80mm printer, so the receipts can be used without rewriting. Also, the tablet and printer should be included in the price, and you shouldn’t have to pay a large upfront fee.


No. 3 – Card Payments:


Over 80% of App takeaway orders are paid for by card, not cash, so your App needs to be able to process them. Many low-cost App providers will hide their true costs by inflating the fees for processing the card payments.


The worst offenders charge 3 to 4% per order, plus as much as 65 pence per order on top. Then, they take 2 or 3 weeks to pay your money in to your bank.


Look for a company that uses a recognised, reputable payment provider with whom you have a direct contract and who pays the money direct to your bank account every few days.


No. 4 – Your Own App:


Make sure you are getting your own App, for both Apple and Android App markets. This may sound crazy, but there are some companies out there that don’t provide you with this.


Without your own, independently listed App, you will struggle to make it work. There is at least one App provider that we know of that puts your App into a container App in their name. This could be OK, but the way it has been implemented means that if a customer already has the same container for another business, they cannot get it for yours, so it’s pretty much useless if anyone else in your area uses the same provider.


Make sure you work with a provider that sets you up with your own App, listed in the both Apple and Android app stores as your business, so your customer can have more than one restaurant App on their phone.


If you would like more info about how App4 can provide you with your own App & website, for a fixed fee of £99 + VAT per month, with everything included and supported by WorldPay Online payments, then Call: 01332 742514 or click here to request a call back.