Fish & Chip shop owners are really App’y with the results!

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Fish & Chip shop owners are really App’y with the results!

During the last 6 months App4 has seen a significant increase in the number of Fish and Chip shop owners looking to get their own Mobile App and Online ordering service, and the results being achieved are really making them happy they chose App4.


Traditionally ordering your fish and chips has been the same for as long as anyone can remember, you arrive at the chippy, get in line and wait to order over the counter. You may need to shout across if you want something that is cooked to order, but really not much else has changed.


In recent times the rise of services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo means more and more just want their food delivered or as a minimum want to be able to pre-order food from their mobile phones, through an App, then arrive and collect their food pretty much straight away. The delivery service model can work for those businesses in the middle of town, who have no existing takeaway service and it doesn’t add any staff to your payroll. The downside is the 30% + you give away to these companies on every order, and that your customers become theirs, quite often they also become your competitions customers as well.


The Fish & Chip shop businesses working with App4 have adopted their own App so they can service their own customers direct. In many cases they have or are starting, a delivery service of their own, they may have even setup an “online collection point” so that people ordering through their App or Website can simply skip the queue and collect pretty much on arrival.


The end customers are loving the services too, with many people choosing to pre-order hours ahead which gives the business owners much better clarity of when they will be busy and what to get prepared. There has also been a great benefit to order numbers and values too, with an average increase in order numbers by just over 12% with an additional increase in order values of 10%.


If you would like to take control of your online orders, provide a convenient and simple ordering service to your customers and grow order numbers and customer spend, then get in touch with App4 as we are already helping hundreds of business do exactly that.


For more information call App4 on 01332 742 514, email or click here to get an App4 Business advisor to call you back.


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