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Does your App fail you at the worse times?

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Does your App fail you at the worse times?

Over the past few months we have had a number of enquiries from unhappy takeaway restaurant owners, the common problem is with their current digital solutions provider; it appears they are ready to throw their ‘App-Away’!


The main issue we are hearing repeatedly is – systems failing at peak ordering times, resulting in customers unable to place an order, or the system sending multiple orders through for the same customer. This behaviour usually results in losing orders, customer complaints and an increase of telephone calls, defeating the purpose of having an App and online ordering system.


At App4 we have built a platform on a robust, ever-expanding cloud platform that is continuously growing to meet customer demand, and is the reason why our customers aren’t suffering from the same fate as their peers using other providers.


Another constant gripe we hear frustrated restaurant owners complain about is the inflexibility of their current providers. A digital solutions provider should encourage customer feedback and suggestions of how they can update and improve their platforms to meet their customer’s needs. At App4 we own and build our own system which means we have the ability to customise our Apps to meet the requirements of our customers. Furthermore, we encourage our customers to suggest changes and improvements to our service so all our customers can benefit from their great ideas.


The final dilemma we hear from restaurant owners is regarding delivery and set up timings. Imagine, you have just signed up to a new service that is going to help your business grow and then you find out it is going to take more than 3 months to receive the hardware and to set it up! Fear no more – our average delivery time from ‘sign up’ to ‘go live’ is 4 weeks. We are always upfront about our timings and manage our customer’s expectations. To date we have never been late in delivering our services to a customer, and in most cases have actually been a couple of weeks early.


We pride ourselves on being reliable, well-supported, and flexible, not to mention, timely and affordable. We’re a service that will help your business grow, reducing costs and improving your customer service, give us a call to find out more. 01332 742 514