App4 is proven to save time, reduce costs & increase profits

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App4 is proven to save time, reduce costs & increase profits

Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to save you and your staff time, reduce your ongoing costs and increase order numbers and profits? Probably every day, but as everyone knows it isn’t very easy…or is it?


Let’s look at them individually to see what’s what:

Save Time:

Do you spend a lot of time answering the phone and writing out orders? Do you have to call your customers to let them know when you’re running late for a delivery? Or even worse, do you not have time and then get the customer calling you?

Having your own App can get rid of a lot of these unnecessary phone calls and save your staff massive amounts of time, not having to write orders down and getting people to spell street names or postcodes out. If your App provider is really smart they will even have the ability to let your customer know you’re running late, cutting down on complaints and further phone calls to find out where their food is.

Reduce Costs:

Many takeaways today use aggregators and ordering platforms to receive orders. They come through on the equipment they provide, and you simply cook and send the food, great, but you then have to wait a week or more for the money and when it does arrive it has had around 20 to 25% of the total amount deducted for their commissions and order fees, if not more!

We have been working with hundreds of takeaways for many years now and we have analysed what works and what doesn’t. We use this knowledge every day to help all of our customers get the most out of their App and online ordering service, so they can reduce their costs permanently.

Increase Profits:

Every business wants to increase their profits, but it isn’t always that easy. In the takeaway and restaurant sector many think it is all about getting more orders, more orders mean more profits, whilst others feel it’s about increasing the value of every order that gets placed. The reality is it is probably a mix of the two along with reducing your unnecessary costs per order.

When you are trying to increase profitability, you need to study the facts of your business, and for many small businesses knowing what they are selling, who is spending what and what items are not selling is a huge laborious job. Your own online ordering and mobile App should provide you with this information, and even more importantly, it should help you prove what increases your profits most!

So how?

App4 works with its customers to understand the data the system collects and can provide critical business data that can help you increase order numbers, grow order values and reduce your costs. All this helps you to maximise your profits, without sacrificing on service or quality.

When you are choosing a company to supply your App and Online ordering, you need to consider what you actually want to achieve:

Do you want an App and website that has your company name on standard template that does a few orders and saves you some of your other online fees?


Do you want to work with a company that is proven to supply a complete service that provides your own App and Website that can help to grow your business and put significantly more of your income back in your pocket?

If you are looking for the latter, call App4 on 01332 742514 or click here to arrange a call back to get started straight away.

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