5 things owners forget about their online ordering system

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5 things owners forget about their online ordering system

If you own or run a takeaway business you’re probably busy enough doing your day job, and the last thing you have time to consider is your online ordering system. The truth is, if you’re not using your it correctly it could be costing you money! Below are 5 of the usual things that get forgotten or ignored by many takeaway and restaurant owners.


1) No ‘Order Now’ button in an easy reach place


It’s hard enough to get people to visit your website, so when they do, there needs to be an ‘Order Now’ button on every page and in clear view. When they make the decision to buy, it is as easy as possible to get ordering.


At App4 we build you a fully optimised site that is designed to make your customers experience as pain free and simple as possible, whether they are on a pc, tablet or mobile phone.


2) You should be selling your business not anyone else’s


Do you advertise your nearest competitors on your own website? Probably Not, but by having links to large online portals you are inviting your own customers to look at the competition!


Your customers want to order from YOU, not from another online portal or ‘aggregator’, and these third-party providers will more than likely take a hefty chunk of the order value in commission fees!


At App4 we provide you with YOUR OWN ordering service for your customers to order direct.  They don’t pay any more than using the aggregators, you don’t pay the high commissions and you have complete control over everything.


3) Use the tools your online ordering provider gives you


Have you ever bought a car and not used the boot or the Sat-Nav?  How about an electric screwdriver you only ever use on manual? Sounds silly doesn’t it but many people get their own online service and then don’t use the tools it comes with, either because they don’t know how or because they don’t realise the benefits.


App4 gives you access to its intuitive Back Office system which allows you to monitor orders, check customer details, manage offers and discounts and send marketing emails, texts and push messages.  We provide an easy to follow guide and will even walk you through it on a one to one basis, so you can get the best possible returns.


4) Take every opportunity to market your service, on and off-line


Once you have got your own online ordering system you need to take every possible opportunity to tell everyone about it.  This may sound obvious but the majority of takeaway owners have gotten used to things being done for them by the likes of the large ordering portals, but if they put in a bit of effort they can get more customers ordering direct which will pay for itself many times over as they will save the 15-20% commission they get charged.


At App4 we try to simplify this job as best as possible so a takeaway owner has the bare minimum to do.  We provide a starter marketing pack including counter stands, ‘Download Our App’ stickers and some tips on how best to shout about their new ordering service.


We also help with online promotions, using social media channels to advertise your new service whilst linking up your Facebook page and website to the ordering system so no matter how they find you they can place an order straight away.


5) Ask your online ordering provider for help and guidance


Your online ordering provider should be a fount of knowledge, they should know the industry better than most and should be able to advise you on what works, what doesn’t and how you can grow your orders and income.


At App4 we love to help our customers and want to help you grow your business as much as possible, simply pick up the phone, drop us an email or checkout our regular new letters for top tips for getting more downloads, orders and happy customers.


App4 provide a complete solution for online and mobile ordering with loyalty management, fully branded to your business that gets your customers ordering direct and helps you save £1000’s a year.  If you want to take back control of your orders with the support and knowledge of a proven service provider, then call the App4 team on 01332 742514 or click here to request a call back to suit you.


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